The AVS Production Group is a partnership of highly trained and experienced industry veterans in the area of event and entertainment production. AVS offers its clients the creative and innovative solutions to maximize their vision and overall success of their event.
  1. AUDIO
    State-of-the-art systems with expert design and audio mixing come seamlessly together to create that unique AVS acoustic experience that producers, promoters and performers expect and respect — for venues of all types, sizes and challenges. From large-scale touring to annual festivals to high-end corporate events, our 30 years in the game make AVS a swift, sure and sought after resource for optimal sonic design.
  2. VIDEO
    From simple TV monitors on stands to breathtaking, interactive, indoor/outdoor 4K Super-HD customized video wall arrays, AVS is committed to deliver compelling and memorable results each time with the latest high-resolution video production equipment and talent.
    AVS carries only the industry’s top-of-the-line lighting gear and fixtures, the respected brands everyone knows and trusts. We consistently and meticulously maintain this extensive inventory through ongoing inspection and troubleshooting, ensuring our clients reliable and exceptional experiences each and every time. From pin spots to intelligent lighting to LED up lighting and GAGS, we offer the latest innovations and inhouse solutions to either create or support brilliant lighting designs.
  4. SALES
    When professional and non-professional clients alike seek to purchase high-end A/V gear, they know that AVS also serves as a certified reseller for most of the brands you know and utilize. We routinely bring professional-grade equipment within reach of non-industry consumers; businesses and organizations that may not otherwise enjoy authorized access to such high-performance gear — and at highly competitive price points.
    The installation department at AVS handles onsite projects of any size, scope and detail, from elaborate consumer home theaters to large-scale commercial and institutional deployments, such as the Fortina Restaurants and Lehman College. We bring our extensive expertise to bear in A/V, lighting, staging, PA systems, DJ gear, sound-proofing, acoustical consulting, emergency lighting and more — for both temporary and permanent installations.
    All the world’s a stage, they say, and AVS delivers staging all over the world. Whether your local, national or global event calls for fixed, yet highly customizable platform stages with rolling risers for multi-act events and ADA-compliant ramps and railing, or a fleet of fast, efficient and affordable turnkey mobile stages that drive up in place and immediately deploy — expect the finest gear to be expertly managed with the utmost care, versatility and attention. We deliver time-tested, industry-trusted service for ensuring masterful staging experiences.
    At AVS, our ingenious CAD (Computer-Aided Design) artists will create life-like 3D models, virtual renderings and architectural drawings of how your shows and events will be staged. This aids production prepping and planning in many crucial ways, including optimizing the artist and audience experience in any venue, enabling efficient and cost-effective pre-show troubleshooting, and, when needed, securing Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) certificates. We help you see your vision upfront, so you can fine-tune it to perfection.
    Simply put, live-concert events require dependable rigging that not only works, but works well — effective, motorized, stable, safe, versatile and reliable. We offer union-approved rigging manufactured only of American steel and driven by 1/4-ton, 1/2-ton, 1-ton and 2-ton motors, built to service any stage design or venue configuration needed.